President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro denounced Wednesday that mercenaries and paramilitaries have been regrouping in camps located in Colombian territory in order to set up new incursions against Venezuela.

“Let’s not lower our guard. I have verified information that Ivan Duque, president of Colombia, is personally supervising military chiefs and comps in Medellin, in Antoquia, in Norte de Santander,” he said.

The Venezuelan president revealed that “out of his oligarch pride, Duque said the plan for a sea incursion (against Venezuela) must be kept as one of their options.”

In this regard, he urged the Venezuelan people, the National Bolivarian Armed Force and police agencies to keep their guard up and get ready to keep Venezuela as an impregnable territory.

“Let’s watch our sea, our territory, our airspace so that none of these groups of mercenaries training in Colombia under the protection, support and financing of Colombia’s president can hurt our institutions and Venezuelans,” he stressed.

President Maduro delivered these statements at an event to decorate officers of the Negro Primero Operation, deployed to search and capture the mercenaries that led the armed incursion into Venezuela on May 3.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela