USB ItaliaArcelorMittal presented the new business plan for the former Ilva plants only to the ministries concerned and not to the trade unions.

Even the government described it as disappointing, ArcelorMittal leases the steel plants in Taranto, Genoa and Novi Ligure (the plants are owned by Ilva under extraordinary administration).

In March, a plan was signed which provided for a production of 8 million tonnes of steel in 2025 and the maintenance of the current workforce of 10 700 employees in the group. In the new plan, on the other hand, production is 6 million and the workforce 7,500. There would therefore be about 3,300 redundancies, in the transitional phase until 2023, for which the social shock absorbers would be used. The economic support requested by ArcelorMittal from the government is about 1.8 billion.

ArcelorMittal has hardly respected anything, it has so far done the opposite of everything it has said and that had been included in the agreement signed by us last year.
ArcelorMittal now has to leave, in Taranto has not invested a euro. Now it is asking for more public resources. Probably to proceed with the dismissal of thousands more workers. We are talking about 1.8 billion which must be used for economic conversion and for the city. With this in mind, how can we think of including Taranto in the European Green New Deal through decarbonisation, as Minister Gualtieri says? How can we speak of a guarantee for employment continuity? How is it possible to bridge the gap between this industrial plan which, we are told, is inadmissible and what the workers and Taranto all need?

Yesterday (9th june) Usb began a 48-hour strike: away from Taranto, the multinational of terror.
There can be absolutely no discussion with those who ask for public resources to dominate Taranto, lay off workers, damage the companies in the contract and ignore the Hague regulations.
We certainly do not understand the attitude of the government, which is still hesitant and uncertain about what to do.

Rather, the instruments that the government has are to be used in another direction: to drive this multinational company away.

We must fight for this.



World Federation of Trade Unions