The organizations that are members of the International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggle support the international commemoration of Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual, Intersexual, Queer and other sexual non-conformities. Because we are united by the combative fight for a fairer world for everybody. We fight for a world where people are not discriminated based on their body, their identity or their sexuality.

Because of that, we encourage our militancy and civil society to participate in the rallies and demonstrations that are called in their territories these days. Keeping within the COVID19 strict prevention measures, it is possible to go outside or our balconies. Moreover, we also can use our social networks to denounce the LGTBIQ + phobia and all the violence associated.

We support and fight :

Against discrimination in the workplace : Nowadays, LGTBIQ + people have greater difficulties concerning employment access, specially our trans brothers. Furthermore, this discrimination will have a negative impact on their future pension income.

For a public health system for everybody, regardless of gender or sexuality : Living as lesbians, gays, transsexuals, intersexes, queers or other sexual non-conformity is not a disease. We are absolutely against the so-called “therapies” that “cure” homosexuality.

For a free public education that guarantees absolute respect for sexual diversity.
For the abolition of all state laws and practices that criminalize LGTBIQ + people.

Against LGTBIQ + phobic violence : no more harassment or murder.

For the historical recognition of the LGTBIQ + Movement.

Against the commodification of the gay-capitalist lobby : They are lining their pocket at the expense of stereotyping us, creating ghettos and labor niches for the LGTBIQ + group.

On Sunday June 28, and every day, we will celebrate with pride and resistance our sexual non-conformities.


International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles