During this sad period of the COVID-19 pandemic which spares no country in the world, when the workers of the world are facing  the precariousness of life and working conditions, the World Federation of Trade Unions, which brings together more than 100 million workers in 132 countries around the world, commemorates this June 07, 2020, the World Food Safety day.

Faced with imperialist forces and their multinationals, which impose and influence in their own way the food needs of the peoples, food safety requires the guarantee of the quality of the food products we eat.

   Being the first medicine for the citizens of the world, it is imperative that food is above profits, like health.

   Amidst increasing poverty that strikes the world because of a shameless accumulation of profits by the wealthy, food security must be everyone’s concern for a healthy diet.

   According to the World Health Organization, nearly one in ten people worldwide (nearly 600 million people) fall ill every year, and 420.000 of them die from eating food contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites or even chemicals.

   Unsafe food causes illnesses, disabilities and premature death among workers and popular strata, and it also has the effect of slowing development in many low and middle-income economies.

   In view of the harmful consequences in the field of food, public investments, particularly in agriculture and animal breeding, are necessary to avoid a serious food crisis where profit alone would risk dictating its law to consumers without monitoring producers, the way of producing and the quality of the products.

   A fair redistribution of food production is necessary by favoring the poorest populations in both urban and rural areas.

   Access to healthy food must be facilitated for all citizens of the world.

   The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the limits of imperialist tendencies, always willing to appropriate the results of the work produced and to privatize everything at all costs.

   This revealed that the social character of production remains a reality that is difficult to stifle. It is therefore necessary for States and Governments to provide the necessary funds to strengthen all essential public sectors including health and food so that all people benefit not only from good public services, full, free and decent medical care but also from a healthy diet.

   Adequate wages and good working conditions without GMOs are important for obtaining and providing healthy food.

   Food is a right not a field of profit for the capitalists!


World Federation of Trade Unions