We, legislators of the National Constituent Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – elected by more than 8 million people by universal, direct and secret vote on July 30, 2017 by 335 municipalities in the country for the sectors of workers, women, communes, youth, people with disabilities, indigenous peoples, entrepreneurs and adults and older adults- denounce to the world that the European Parliament resolution identified with the initials 2019/295 (RSP) and approved today 07/10/2020 is an ignominious and immoral document resulting from the concert of interests of elites linked to the extreme political right who, by seditious mandate of the United States government, have misused the popular representation that was granted to them to legitimize a crime of aggression against the people of Venezuela.

We raise our voices before women, legislators, political parties, social movements, citizens of the community to demand that their political representatives in the European Parliament act in accordance with the principles of friendship, cooperation and solidarity between the Nations and repudiate forcefully and definitively this interventionist action in support of a war of extermination that has been applied to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

We inform public opinion that with its decision, the European Parliament:

• Legitimizes the economic, financial and commercial blockade through the illegal application of misnamed “sanctions”, which prevent the Venezuelan people from accessing food, medicine and other essential supplies for life.

• Justifies the dispossession of assets belonging to the Republic. Particularly, it blatantly whitewashes England’s recent misappropriation of 31 tonnes of gold from Venezuelan reserves, through a court decision that blocked the transfer of those funds to the United Nations Development Program to address the Covid-19 pandemic, as requested by the national government.

• Deliberately obstructs the peaceful, democratic and electoral route outlined by the National Dialogue Table that has reached the consensus of 105 national political organizations to appoint new authorities of the National Electoral Council on 06/12/202.

• Approves and promotes the moral lynching and censorship of its parliamentary peers, by admitting that the EU imposes sanctions on Venezuelan deputies and legislators (including opposition) punishing the representation that gives them the popular vote and the right to deliberation in natural space for the political debate.

• Ignores the effort and achievements of the government of President Nicolas Maduro in the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic, recognized by the United Nations, which makes Venezuela the country with the lowest fatality rate in the region (80 deaths) 8,372 infections and 2,544 recovered, thanks to a comprehensive care system that provides free screening, hospitalization and treatment to the entire population. Quite the opposite of what happened in European powers that, prostrated before the virus, privileged capital over the human being, leaving their elders to die and even going to the point of implementing international piracy actions to steal masks and medical supplies from each other.

We repudiate that the European Parliament becomes the head for a new escalation of aggression and dispossession against the people of Venezuela, on the basis of the unusual recognition of the imposed figure of a false “transitional government” that became the self-proclamation of a deputy who never participated in a presidential election.
We consider that resolution 2019/295 (RSP) is a shameful attempt to resuscitate with artificial respiration a group of leaders who renounced the exercise of politics to try to gain power through insurrectional, violent and undemocratic means and who today are a tiny minority, abandoned by broad sectors of the opposition leadership that do plan to participate in the next legislative elections and join the National Dialogue.

We point out that this decision supports an immoral, corrupt, and politically unattached leadership, ignoring the legitimate institutions and above all disrespecting the democratic will of the Venezuelan people, to favor powerful interests that move war scenarios in the Latin American region and seek the looting of our abundant strategic resources.

We reject the denatured, rude and interventionist action of the European Parliament against the heroic people of Venezuela and we ratify that we are not going to give in to the pretense of imposing a neocolonial and plundering project that makes Latin America pay the cost of the global crisis that brings the capitalist system down, as the imperial powers did in the 19th century.

We demand respect for the sovereignty and free self-determination of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its men and women!
We urge the peoples of Europe and the world to defend Peace and the universal principles of human rights that today they seek to confiscate from the people of Venezuela!
We ratify our irreducible commitment with the legitimate institutions of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, with its President Nicolas Maduro Moros and with the political project of bolivarian, humanist, socialist and chavista principles that our heroic people, as a majority, have chosen in 23 electoral processes, during the last 20 years.

We will win!


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela