The World federation of Trade Unions ( WFTU ) in its Asia-Pacific Regional meeting held on 1st July 2020 noted with serious concern about the lay off, persecution and deaths of the Jute workers of Bangladesh who have launched a relentless struggle against the Bangladesh Governments dangerous move of closing down the Government owned mills and hand them over to the private owners.

The workers under the leadership of the affiliates of WFTU have been fighting against the unpaid wages, besides the other demand of survival of these 25 Jute mills of the state.  About 3 million people are dependent upon these Jute mills.  Their closures will be a death blow to these toiling workers of Bangladesh.  The meeting notes with concern the atrocity of the police is not allowing the peaceful march to the PM’s Office and let loose high handedness on the workers march.

The Asia- Pacific Regional meeting ;

While fully supporting the cause of to Bangladesh Jute Workers and extend the Asian workers support and solidarity, urges upon the Government of Bangladesh to concede the just and legitimate demands of these workers on payment of wages, social security and security of employment importunate on the Prime Minister of Bangladesh to intervene the issue and take all appropriate steps on time to the Government Jute mills and not allow the closure.



Deputy General Secretary WFTU and in charge ASIA Pacific

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions