Millions of workers in the tourism and catering sector, as well as many more working in related activities, have been hit hard on their income and labor rights, after the spread of COVID-19 pandemic around the world, since the beginning of 2020.

It is now clear that tourism, which accounts for 29% of global exports of services and 7% of total exports, remains a very expensive and highly vulnerable commodity to natural phenomena, pandemics, wars and competition.

The 70% shrinkage predicted by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (UNWTO) for the year 2020,indicates that over 110 million jobs are directly at risk. Colleagues working in countries with high tourist activity, such as Southern Europe and elsewhere, are in an even more difficult position today, as it is very unlikely to find a job in other sectors.

Government measures are, not only inadequate for the working class, but they are also giving new privileges and large sums of money to big monopolies in order to ensure a new profitability circle for them.

The 2 trillion $ in tourism revenue for each of the previous years has created enormous wealth for big companies, which are now burdening workers and their families with a new financial crisis.

Unlike them, hotel, restaurant and cafe workers face either the risk of the pandemic or of unemployment.

In several countries, such as Greece, France and Italy, unions have already organizedsignificantstruggles to keep workers in the sectorstrong and prevent the goal of governments and large employers to abolish, on the occasion of the pandemic, labor and insurance rights.

Hope once again lies in unity, struggle and solidarity among workers in every country, in every industry. The problems, despite the differences in intensity and duration, are the same everywhere. The solution is also the same.

The demands that unite us, in every corner of the earth,are the ones that can be the beacon to coordinate our efforts to put forward the interests and needs of our families. Let no one remain silent, no one alone, no one without protection of his income and health. Let’s not settle for allowances of poverty


  • For the state and the employers to ensure the income of all workers that have been working in the pre-pandemic period and will not be re-employed.
  • The protection of the unemployed, suspension of all charges for home expenses and all residence auctions and confiscations to be stopped.
  • The staffing of public health centers and hospitals, the requisition of private health centers, immediate and free tests for the coronavirus for all
  • The cancellation of layoffs that took place so far and ban them for the upcoming period.
  • Applicationof health and safety standards in the workplaces

Country – Union

France – Federation CGT Commerce et Services

Greece – Tourism-Hotel Workers Union of Athens

Italy –USB Tourism

Turkey –Toley Is Union Izmir

Cyprus – SYXKA PEO

Serbia – SLOGA


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)