telesurThe multistate news signal of Latin America and the Caribbean, teleSUR, celebrates its 15th anniversary of uninterrupted broadcasting, and Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza seized this occasion to extend his congratulations to the network’s human, interdisciplinary staff.

“We congratulate the men and women who work at all levels and multidisciplinary areas of teleSUR news network for these 15 years. Long live teleSUR. These are just 15 years out of the 1,500 years you have left to continue keeping faith with the free people of this humankind,” he said.

In his message, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza highlighted that teleSUR is the exception to mass media because it has offered a different view, “not to keep the order of things, but to subvert the order of things” by offering a Latin American view of the facts and broadcasting the truth of the peoples and information omitted by other networks.

“How important teleSUR has been during these years! We have seen international interventions, wars, and we have witnessed how the free peoples have given battle, how they have resisted, and how they have suffered setbacks, but they have also moved forward, and only teleSUR offers this outlook,” he stressed.

teleSUR first aired in 2005 from the Teresa Carreño Theater, in Caracas. His advisory council was comprised by notable figures such as Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and journalist Ignacio Ramonet. The network has been present in great events, not only in Latin America, but in the world.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela