The National Electoral Council (CNE), now in permanent session, unanimously approved the Special Rules for the 2021-2026 Legislative Elections. The Rules include a 66% increase in the number of the National Assembly seats up for election, from 167 to 277 deputies to achieve a balance between list votes and nominal votes.

President of the National Electoral Council (CNE) Indira Alfonzo Izaguirre informed that the National Assembly will have a 52% representation of proportional votes, 144 list votes, and a 48% representation of nominal votes, 133 votes.

“Additional 110 deputies will be elected to strengthen both the proportional and nominal elections. With these rules, we are moving forward to give a response to the demands of the Venezuelan people for legislative elections in line with the country’s reality,” said the CNE president.

Likewise, Alfonzo announced the participation of political organizations has increased. 28 national political organizations, 6 representing indigenous people and 52 regional political parties for a total of 87 political organizations are currently approved to participate in the December legislative elections.

The CNE president stressed that the rules do not change the 87 electoral districts of the 2015 National Assembly elections.

The new rules of Venezuela’s electoral system will meet the country’s demand for political pluralism and the Venezuelan people’s protagonist participation.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela