Workers, young and old, unemployed, retired,

 Holidays, rest and leisure are a necessity for all workers, especially in the period we are going through. It is a right that we claim and defend. At the same time, however, the summer heat comes with the escalation of the anti-workers attack.

Instead of providing solutions to the huge problems of the working class, the government, in the summer, as the previous one did, brings bills, under the orders of the industrialists, the ship-owners, the bankers.

In a number of areas and sectors, the employers’ attack is gaining momentum as bosses take advantage of government’s anti-workers’ measures to abolishworkers’ rights and forward layoffs. At the same time, thousands of working-class families are struggling to survive, whilebig business groups are funded with millions of euros to deal with the pandemic.

The situation is explosive, especially for workers in tourism, transport, trade and services, but the attack of employers is spreading to all sectors, as shown by the layoffs in big media, the financial sector, etc.

The big employers are taking advantage of the measures taken by the EU and the governments on the occasion of the pandemic in the relentless capitalist competition to hit the already low wages, the work-time, to make layoffs. At the same time, the GSEE (member of ETUC) co-signs and supports the imposition of the anti-workers measures of the government and the business groups. Whatever it takes in order to keep their well-paid chairs.

The Executive Secretariat of PAME addresses a call to the working class

Workers must not allow fatalism and disappointment to prevail. We must reject the logic of “individual responsibility = individual solution”, of the workeragainst the employer. The logic that workers and employers we are in the same boat.

The workers we have the weapon of collective struggle and demand. Workers must contact with their union, with the forces of PAME in every area and branch. To take an active part in the organization of the struggle.Discuss with colleagues at work and strengthen solidarity in all ways.


We call on the Regional Trade Union Centers, the Federations, the unions to remain open during the holidays, as we did during the pandemic. In any way and form, the unions to intervene, to organize the struggle. To be the permanent, stable and unbreakable support for every worker. The class unions should be in every workplace, in every working-class neighborhood, in the front line against the coming storm of layoffs.


The class movement from the first moment of the outbreak of the pandemic sounded the alarm. It is imperative and urgent need to protect the lives of workers and the people, the realization of ourdemands for direct state funding of the Public Health System by hiring permanent staff of all sectors, coverage of all needs in ICUs and PHC. To take immediate measures to protect the health and safety of workers in the workplace. The workers paid a lot. We will not pay again!

Every month, every week, every day, PAME and the class unions are here! In the front line, in the workplaces, next to every worker, in every small and big fight. And this time we will give the battle.

We do not take a step back! We will continue to fight to defend the life of the working class. We call on the workers not to be deceived by new illusions, not to show any expectation that the problems with the working class on the sidelines will be solved.



Workers have now gained experience and need to draw conclusions. To think that our future cannot be the barbarity we live in. Parasites, big business offer nothing. Only exploitation. The only ones who offer to society are the workers, the scientists, the bread-earners farmers. The working class can and must demand and fight for all its modern needs, for a future where wealth will belong to the workers who produce it by overthrowing capitalist barbarism.

We are on Alert! We take Initiatives. We Strengthen the Struggle of the Working Class Against Government-Employers!


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)