Thousands of working people, youth, self-employed and pensioners protested yesterday (9/7) outside of the Parliament following the call from dozens of unions, Labor Centers, and Federations that rally with PAME, along with mass organizations, all powerfully shouting “this law will not be implemented, no compromise with repression!”

The thousands of protesters in Athens and dozens of other cities across the country made clear that they cannot impede the struggles of workers and the people; the struggle of the people will tear this paper into bits and this bill, like all the previous ones, with which the governments have attempted to silence the voice of the people and their struggle.  The mass demonstrations are a continuation and a practical expression of the universal condemnation of this reactionary bill, which was expressed throughout the previous days, from the very moment it was submitted, by hundreds of trade union organizations and mass organizations, by judicial, legal and other scientists, artists, the workers and the people.


A multi-member delegation of the CC of the KKE was at the demonstration with GS Dimitris Koutsoumpas at the head. Mr. Koutsoumpas stressed from the Parliament floor:

“it is the proof that anti-popular policies will escalate in the face of the new capitalist crisis (…) The bill-monstrosity to restrict protests – is therefore proof of who will be made to pay for the measures: The workers, the people. At the same time it is a confession on the part of your government. You are admitting your worry that the working people, the small businessmen, the poor farmers, the young people, will not remain with their arms folded, counting the new losses. The main thing is that the bill for the restriction, effectively the banning of protests, serves your strategic purpose.This defense of a system that has been bankrupted, that cannot provide way out for the needs of the people. The challenge to the system of exploitation is growing and it cannot be checked by any mechanism of ideological manipulation (…) This is why you are equipping yourself with a new series of weapons.

The leaders of the government know very well that the step of intensifying repression that  they are attempting  to do with the specific bill, would be difficult, if no other steps had preceded it; specifically those of the SYRIZA government.
You see, the continuation of the state applies here as well.

– Who proceeded to restrict the right to strike, again, in the name of the unacceptable logic that “small groups” inconvenience the majority of the people?

– Who voted the to turn the mobilizations against foreclosures into a crime per se?

– Who maintained the reprehensible legal arsenal of “anti-terrorism laws” that were created to provide a provision for arresting people without due cause, despite the KKE’s proposals for their abolition?

Your own government, gentlemen of SYRIZA!

History is full of laws that have vilified, of laws that wanted to obstruct the class struggle, radical thought and action. In the end, all of of them, without exception, remained on paper (…) Real history for which we are proud, and for which our children and our grandchildren will be proud, is that which is written on the battlefields of the class struggle. It is History written by the mass demonstrations, the mass rallies in the streets of Athens, on the streets of Greece. These mobilizations against the bill and the prohibitions are those that have advanced democracy, progress, and freedom, that keep the flame of the struggle, of sacrifice, of dignity alive. It is on this road that we will unwaveringly continue, and as the KKE we will be in front, as always.”

The government’s organized plan of repression did not succeed!

The thousands of protesters in Athens resolutely and militantly confronted the government’s organized plan of repression, which, utilizing the action of agitative groups attempted to disperse the large PAME rally with chemicals and tear gas. The PAME rally remained in position, organized,  outside of the Parliament until late at night.


Communist Youth of Greece