The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), representing 105 million workers throughout the world, stands in solidarity with the American working class and its mobilizations on July 20, in protest against racism and in demand of a better healthcare system as well as safety measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

The WFTU’s large class-oriented union family has always and firmly fought against all kinds of social and economic exploitation, emphasizing the struggle against racism and discrimination. For class-oriented unionists, there is but a sole world working class and, therefore, the struggle against racism is a struggle against the capitalist system that generates inequalities and discrimination.

In addition, the WFTU denounces the fierce repression that the US ruling class unleashed against the protesters and declares that we will firmly continue on the side of the US working class, supporting its just demands.

We call on unions around the world to support this mobilization, to express their internationalism and solidarity with the working class that lives and works in the United States. By supporting this fight, we must also help project the true problems, the true causes that generate and reproduce these problems. Claims that meet the contemporary needs of the popular strata must be placed on the front line. In addition, the lackey role played by official union leaders, subject to the capitalist system, must be unmasked. We must forge a genuine unity of all workers, unemployed, pensioners, homeless and poor, regardless of their gender, religion, skin color and language. Only in this way can we aspire to a better future, with social freedom and justice.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions