The aggression against the workers, in both the private and public sector of Pakistan, continues.  One of the last attacks was the decision of the National Tourism Coordination Board to terminate the services of 450 regular employees of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. The workers that have taken the burden of the pandemic risking their own lives,  producing all goods, and providing all services are once again facing the brutality of unemployment.

This unacceptable decision of NTCB leads hundreds of families to poverty and insecurity and is added to the long list of dismissals, violation of workers’ rights, cutting of benefits, unpaid salaries, and employer arbitrariness.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing  105 million workers in 130 countries of the five continents, strongly condemn the dismissal of 450 regular workers of NTCB.  We demand the immediate withdrawal of all the dismissal and the respect of workers’ rights and benefits.  We demand the full payment of wages of the lockdown period and the safeguarding of the workers’ jobs and a proper income for all vulnerable people in Pakistan.


World Federation of Trade Unions