The World Federation of Trade Unions, the oldest and most historic international trade union organization, that represents more than 100 million workers in 130 countries of the five continents, expresses its sincere condolences to the people of Myanmar who is mourning at least 162 miners. The miners “were smothered by a wave of mud” in a landslide in a jade mine in northern provinces of the country.

This terrible “accident” is not just a natural haplessness but is a crime against the tens of miners who died, working to earn the livelihood. As it is proven in the most horrible way, hundreds of workers were exposed to murderous working conditions without any protection measure or any provision for their safety.

Our thoughts are with the families, friends, and colleagues of the worker who were killed and we join our voices with the working class of Myanmar demanding:

– Health and safety measures in all workplace protection of lives and safeguarding of the long term health of the workers.

– Adequate and sufficient leaves for health issues and compensations to the families of the victims.

– Investigation and punishment of the responsible ones for the labor accidents and full reparation of workers or their families.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions