Tens of thousands protesters gathered outside far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem Saturday evening, August 29, calling for his resignation, as tensions with police were running high following documented incidents of police violence at the previous week’s protest. This was the eleventh consecutive Saturday night in which demonstrators turned out to voice opposition to Netanyahu, specifically his indictment on corruption charges and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Media reports indicated some 20,000 took part in the demonstration, but organizers, based on bracelets they handed out to all participants, said attendance was 37,000. Among the protestors were Joint List MK Ofer Cassif (Hadash) and several activists from Hadash and the Communist Party of Israel brandishing red flags. Parallel protests were held outside Netanyahu’s private residence in Caesarea and at 315 junctions throughout country, and in 18 cities around the world

Police said 16 protesters were detained or arrested “for disturbing public order or assaulting” cops. Several received fines for blocking roads after police called on demonstrators to disperse at midnight.

Starting at 8:00 pm, protesters in Jerusalem began marching from the Chords Bridge at the western entrance to the city and made their way toward the prime minister’s residence to join up with the main protest, which appeared to be the largest anti-Netanyahu demonstration in Jerusalem until now.

Black Flag protesters deployed at the HaSira Junction in Herzliya claimed that a driver opened his car window and with a firearm threateningly pointed at them and declared “Bibi forever!” The Black Flag protesting group called the event “a direct continuation of Netanyahu’s incitement,” adding “the violence will not scare us.”


Communist Party of Israel