Investigation of US journalist exposes incursion of the Guaidó attorney in oil bribes against Venezuela

An extensive and argued investigation prepared by the American journalist Anya Parampil for the website The Grayzone reveals the network of corruption and bribery to the detriment of the Venezuelan State in which José Ignacio Hernández is involved, who until July served as “attorney” for the non-existent “government” of the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó.

Under the title “The oil bribery scandal exposes the double corrupt game of the ‘attorney general’ of Guaidó”, the journalist confirms how lawyer Hernández has collected lucrative fees as a legal mercenary for the corporate looters of the state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) . The investigation finds that Hernández’s testimony was purchased by foreign oil giants with an interest in defrauding Pdvsa of billions of dollars, in a lawsuit dismissed last year by a Florida district court over a multi-million dollar bribery case in March 2018.

“The expert witness who appeared before the court to delegitimize the case of the Venezuelan Government was Hernández, an opposition lawyer” the journlist indicates.

Likewise, Parampil points out that Hernández also gave testimony to the Canadian mining company Crystallex to support the company’s legal fight against the Government of Venezuela and also “garnered a payment of $ 163,000 from the OI European Group in exchange for his testimony against Caracas. In the PDVSA Litigation Trust Fund case, which was dismissed in 2019, he was paid $350 an hour for its analysis.”

She also points out that while he usurped the position of Attorney General, Hernández undertook several actions that supported the legal arguments of companies against the Bolivarian Government and that due to his questionable legal maneuvers, Citgo Petroleum, the most valuable international asset in Venezuela, will be liquidated to satisfy the multi-million dollar arbitration claims against Caracas.

On this scandal, in a media statement on June 18 of this year, the Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, accused José Ignacio Hernández of belonging to a criminal organization, led by the coup leaders Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López, to embezzle the coffers of the Venezuelan State abroad, in collusion with the United States Government and its strategy to press for a government change in order to mount an administration under their command.


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