dkp logo neuStatement of the Central Committee of the German Communist Party, August 20, 2020

On August 9, elections took place in the Republic of Belarus, won by long term president Alexander Lukashenko, according to the electoral commission. The opposition had already announced before the elections that it would not recognize such a result, and declared its candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya as the winner. Since then, there have been protests, some of them violent, with at least one death among the demonstrators, injuries on both sides, as well as arrests. Strikes have also been held in several factories.

Without any evidence, the US and the EU have not recognized the results of the elections, and support the opposition. This also applies to the German government and all parties in the Bundestag. Sanctions were demanded immediately.

This was preceded by years of campaigning by the USA, NATO, and EU against Belarus. The reasons for this are obvious. If it were possible to destabilize Belarus, and to get it into NATO’s sphere of influence, this war alliance would have come a great deal closer to its goal of completely encircling the Russian Federation. In addition, Belarus is the only former Soviet republic in which a large part of production has remained in the hands of the state, and social achievements have been preserved at least in part.

The opposition supported by the West, led by Tikhanovskaya, on the other hand, is calling for the privatization of a large part of state enterprises, which are to be taken over by foreign investors. Land is to be turned into a commodity, housing privatized, market norms and EU standards adopted. Cuts and privatizations in the health sector are planned, and the list of free treatments is to be greatly reduced. The usual demands of the IMF are being planned even before they are introduced.

All this can be read in publications issued by the opposition. There is the threat of a scenario like 2013/14 in Ukraine, with all the social, political, and economic consequences that could have been observed there. This also includes nationalism – the white-red-white flags of the demonstrators in Belarus were the colors of the collaborators with the fascist Wehrmacht from 1943 to 1945.

Of course, many citizens of Belarus who want to take action against problems and grievances in the country take part in the protests. Many of them are most likely not interested in the opposition’s programme outlined above. They do not want a second Maidan or an extension of NATO’s and the EU’s influence to include Belarus. Nobody will be interested in them if the opposition supported by imperialism succeeds with its strategy.

The interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus and the aggressive encirclement of the Russian Federation hugely increase the danger of war. We say: hands off Belarus!

We demand from the Federal Government:

– Recognition of the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus!

– No further interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus!

– No sanctions and no hybrid war against Belarus – the Belarusian people must be able to decide their own way!

Source: German Communist Party via Solidnet / RedGlobe