PCdoBA public opinion poll taken July 21–25 shows that the communist governor of the important state of Maranhão (population 6.5 million) is overwhelmingly popular among the state’s residents. The poll showed an approval rate of 67% for Governor Flávio Dino of the Communist Party of Brazil, and a disapproval rate of only 29%. The survey was carried out by Extra/TV Difusora, which polled 1,406 people.

The poll also asked which official had done the best job in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Fifty-five percent said Governor Dino had done the best job, and only 20% said that Jair Bolsonaro, the country’s right-wing president, had done so, while another 15% credited their town officials. Dino’s approval rating is in sharp contrast with that of most other major Brazilian politicians lately.


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