The protest movement against far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a step forward Saturday, August 29, when simultaneous demonstrations were held in 18 cities around the world.

The protests all took place together at 9 pm last night Israel time and were transmitted live on Facebook and screened outside the prime minister’s official residence off Paris Square before thousands of demonstrators taking part in the weekly Saturday evening rally in Jerusalem. The international protests, which attract mainly Israeli expats, were done in coordination and solidarity with the thousands protesting in Israel for Netanyahu’s resignation and for democracy in Israel. The 18 foreign cities in which the demonstrations took place were: Amsterdam, Atlanta, Basel, Berlin, Boston, Cambridge, Chicago, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, New York, Oslo, Paris, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington DC.

Israeli expats have been protesting for the past four weekends in several US, Canadian, European and Australian cities, holding aloft black flags and signs against Netanyahu and for democracy.


Communist Party of Israel