Coronavirus pandemic continues to have a great negative impact on the people, especially the poor in all over the world. As it has been proved during the pandemic, capitalist class tries to put the burden of the pandemic on the shoulders of the workers.

The same situation can be seen in Turkey. The employers are so far away from taking necessary precautions that the number of the workers dying of Covid-19 has been increasing day by day. The situation in the companies Vestel and Dardanel is a very dramatic example for this fact.

Although many workers employed in Vestel and Dardanel was infected with Coronavirus, both companies continued production and as a result of this indifference, seven workers died a short while ago. Even the death of these workers did not satisfy the greediness of the employers and they haven’t stopped production.

Nakliyat-İş Union organized a protest action at Zorlu Center titled “The health of workers is more important than the interests of the employers” in order to demand the both companies immediately stop production and take all the necessary steps to create a healthy and dignified working atmosphere in the worklaces.

While issuing the press statement, Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu pointed out the responsibility of the capitalist in the deaths of fellow workers whose posters were in the hands of the workers participating in the protest action.

Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu also criticized the indifferent attitude of the biggest workers federations such as Hak-İş, Türk-İş and DİSK towards the latest situation.


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