pda oesterreichStatement of the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Austria, Vienna, 13 August 2020

On 13 and 14 August 2020 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be in Vienna, where he will meet with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Foreign Minister Schallenberg and President Van der Bellen (as well as with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias). The Party of Labour of Austria states: It is not in the interest of the Austrian people to collaborate with the reactionary, criminal, militaristic, racist and anti-democratic regime of the US. All over the world, the US Army and Navy and the CIA, of which Pompeo was formerly director, are acting against the peoples, while serving the global profit and domination interests of the US monopoly and financial capital. The State Department under Pompeo is one of the central coordinating points of the Trump administration’s aggressive and warmongering international policy, in “diplomatic”, political, economic and military terms.

Pompeo himself is a product of the US corporation Koch Industries, which is sponsoring his political career – previously he was a subcontractor and manager at the conglomerate, which is mainly active in the oil, gas, energy and chemical sectors. Personally, the US Secretary of State belongs to the fundamentalist-religious Evangelical Right, to the Tea Party movement, the climate change deniers and the gun lobby NRA. His foreign policy priorities are putschist interventions (Bolivia, Venezuela), continued wars (Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan), support for questionable regimes (Ukraine, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Philippines, Brazil) and the oppression of nations fighting for freedom (e.g. Palestine). Trump’s and Pompeo’s international and foreign policy undermines the work of international organisations (UN, IAEA, WHO) and increases the danger of war, especially with regard to China, Russia or Iran, through constant policies of provocation, sanctions, threats and armament. Last but not least, NATO and the EU should also serve as henchmen and tools of US imperialism. Furthermore, Pompeo stands for US espionage by means of NSA and other structures as well as for the persecution of democratic attempts for public enlightenment and information, for which reason Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, among others, are to be held responsible – for the latter, Pompeo demands execution.

It would be desirable that Kurz and Van der Bellen had the political will and courage of character to confront the US Secretary of State: Pompeo should be asked about human rights violations in the United States, institutional racism, the death penalty, democratic deficits, war crimes and breaches of international treaties, international law and the UN Charter. Nothing of that will happen, however; on the contrary, Kurz and Pompeo will demonstrate their deep and unwavering partnership. Because limited Austrian imperialism, whose political arm is the federal government, is not a haven of peace and democracy, but is seeking its own strategic advantage as a free rider besides the imperialist great powers, including not only Germany but also the US. The Austrian working class, however, has no common interests with imperialism, militarism and war.

Therefore we say:

  • Yankee go home! Pompeo is not welcome in Austria!
  • No Austrian collaboration with US imperialism!
  • Austria out of NATO “Partnership for Peace”! Dissolve NATO!
  • US troops out of Europe! Confiscate and scrap nuclear weapons!
  • Against the illegal wars and interventions of the US!
  • US war criminals to international criminal courts!
  • Against imperialism and war, for peace and socialism!

Source: PdA via Solidnet / RedGlobe