APR VenezuelaWith a great effort of collective political construction, the below signed organisations have constituted the Popular Revolutionary Alternative (APR), an anti-imperialist and truly socialist alliance which points towards offering a new left-wing reference point for Venezuelans.

This initiative was born out of the necessity of building a political expression which offers answers to the diverse demands, complaints and struggles which the Venezuelan working class, rural sectors, communards, students and all the other popular sectors present. These demands include the high cost of living, low wages, uncontrolled price speculation, corruption, institutional decay, the systematic violation of the people’s fundamental rights, the criminalisation and persecution of struggles, landlord repossessions, and the national government’s adoption of regressive policies. In sum, in response to all of the calamities which the great majority face and which stem from the structural crisis of Venezuelan capitalism, US imperialism’s economic suffocation – which we firmly reject – and the government’s application of bourgeois policies of macro-economic adjustment.

We, the organisations which make up the Popular Revolutionary Alternative, manifest our deep rejection of the destabilising and coup mongering efforts of the Venezuelan pro-imperialist Right, as well as of the possibility that these sectors retake political power in our country. For this reason, we call for the massive participation of the people in the upcoming parliamentary elections so as to push forward a socialist political project.

The Popular Revolutionary Alternative looks to construct policies for the short, medium, and long term, which bring together the avid popular sentiments and responses to our multiple problems. We, who make up this alliance, are united in our commitment to establish a political proposal which guarantees the recuperation of the gains won under the government of Chavez, which sets out a path to follow alongside popular struggles and in the construction of a government of, and for, the workers.

From the Popular Revolutionary Alternative we ratify our most absolute loyalty to the people, its supreme interests, and the revolution above all other considerations or the political interest of the government or its institutions. At no point have we wandered from the path of the working class, the rural sectors, the communards, the militia and the popular sectors in general, and we strongly believe in the creative genius of the people to which we belong, and for whom today we demand a better quality of life and respect for our fundamental rights.

As such, we express our will to struggle against imperialist attacks, the blockade, and corruption, for a better quality of life and dignified labour conditions, in favour of worker’s and rural struggles and for the radicalisation of a vibrant popular and revolutionary democracy which has socialism as its strategic objective. Only through the organisation and mobilisation of working, rural and popular grassroots majorities will we be able to open the door to a better future.

We must renew our hopes!

For a revolutionary way out of the crisis!

Popular Revolutionary Alternative



Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

Homeland for All Party (PPT)

United Left (IU)

Marxist Class Struggle Current

Revolutionary Work Party (PRT)


Autonomous Network of Communards

National Commitment (COMPA)

Source: PCV via Solidnet / RedGlobe