The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 105 million workers throughout the world, expresses its internationalist support and solidarity with the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (NEHAWU) in South Africa, which is a WFTU member.

The militant trade unionists of NEHAWU are struggling for improved working conditions, against the dismantling of collective bargaining, against the state’s attack on the right to strike and for adequate workplace safety and protection of frontline workers against COVID-19 infections and for provision of personal protective clothing.

As the world’s class-oriented trade union movement, we strongly denounce these attacks against the workers’ rights. They are frontline workers, offering selflessly their services in the battle against the COVID-19 Pandemic while facing great risks and serious consequences due to the lack of adequate protection measures and PPE. About 240 healthcare workers have lost their lives because of the Coronavirus in South Africa, thousands of them have got infected.

We firmly support the militant initiatives of NEHAWU, that include workplace demonstrations on the 01-03 September 2020 and a national strike on the 10 September.

The WFTU calls on the working class of South Africa to support and join NEHAWU’s program of action for the protection of their rights and lives; at the same time, we stand by the side of NEHAWU for the fulfillment of the just demands of the education, health and allied workers.

Long live international solidarity!



World Federation of Trade Unions