pcparaguayoTwo years after the assumption of Mario Abdo as fraudulent President of the Republic, after the internationally scandalous electoral robbery, social tensions between the exploiting employer class and the exploited working class are on the rise, because of the powerful crisis of the production system capitalist on a world scale.The pandemic that began in March of this year, further evidenced the miserable expression of the mercantile culture, where rights such as food, health, education, have a price and those who have no way to pay must resign to luck, political favors, or to the hypocritical charity of some millionaires and the solidarity of the working majority.

As we often insist, of the nearly 3,700,000 people who are part of the economically active population (EAP), more than 2,600,000 work in the informal sector, without contracts, or social security, health, retirement, job security. And the measures adopted by the government, in addition to being very minimal, have reached no more than half of the people who have not been able to re-start their work, to which we must add at least more than 80,000 new unemployed, according to official records, which means there are many more.

With the crisis exacerbated by the pandemic, the employers, through their government, have operated as they historically did, as pirate looters: take advantage of the crisis to accelerate looting.With the flexibility to contract debts and more debts, tenders “cooked” between four walls with certain companies, the continuation of influence peddling by adding incorrect purchases of products that due to negligence and corruption criminally delayed the possibility of having a better-prepared public health system.

As for debt, today it represents more than 30% of the Gross Domestic Product, reaching the sum of almost 11 billion dollars, of which practically half are international bonds. To understand the danger of this debt, we must bear in mind that the tax evasion in our country is around 30% and the tax pressure is close to 14%, placing Paraguay in the last place among countries with the lowest tax pressure.That is to say, countries where the largest amount of money to finance public policies comes from the working majority and not from the bosses. In addition, the use of much of these international bonds to pay the debt shows us that it is most likely that it will not take long for the Paraguayan State to be unable to sustain the payment of its debt and begin to fail.

Faced with this background, the working class has developed its best humanistic and solidary attributes, taking care of itself collectively, financing the popular pots throughout the country, fighting in defense of their jobs.Also, testing forms of collective and self-managed organization and work, defending its diverse agricultural production and its lands.Although without completely shaking off the vices of capitalist society, such as individualism, the temptations of money, mistrust between workers, non-respect for agreements, the performance of union leaders favoring employer interests, agreements with politicians, short-termism and prebendarycaudillism.

Overcoming these (and other) vices is the greatest challenge that the working majority of the countryside and the city have to overcome within this general crisis and build a People’s Power that effectively represents the majority. Unions must be rebuilt to attract all working families, as a space for education, meeting, exchange of solidarity and even leisure. The peasant and student unions, neighborhood and community organizations, must also recover that ambiance of encounter, solidarity support, collective education, respect for agreements, identification of channels and interests that harm the free exchange between women and men.All of this, in order to strengthen our conviction in the construction of a society that overcomes the exploitation of human beings and promotes total social and collective freedom for the realization of the rights and capacities of all people.

Capitalism may change its face to continue its looting. What it will not be able to do is go back and recover as a kind of good and “not savage” capitalism, because the interests concentrated in the financial system are part of its unalterable decline. It will continue to present, as time goes by, its worst faces, more or less made up, more or less grotesque, more or less terrorists, but all will continue to be the face of death, hunger and war.

The government of Mario Abdo and the leaders of the conservative parties, as well as the business, landowner and financial logic, will continue their looting of the wealth of the working people, the surrender of the public patrimony to the imperialist capitals and the repression of those who demonstrate to demand justice. In these two years of government, he has demonstrated his total impotence to generate conditions of inclusion and dignified life for the working majority.

It is the time of a project of economic activation, with a new State designed to guarantee the interests of the majority with social justice and recovery of ill-occupied property and lands, carrying out the due trial and punishment of businessmen, landowners and bankers, as well as politicians, who have historically stolen from the working class to satisfy their privileges.

It is time for unity and organization of the working class to express the necessary and capable force to motivate other -objectively harmed-social layers of Paraguay to fight this chaotic project of robbery and violence, represented by Mario Abdo and his total obedience to the dictates of the imperialist mafia monopolies, led by the USA.

Source: PCP via Solidnet / RedGlobe