Some 90,000 workers at the Brazilian post office (Correios) have decided to launch a national strike starting this Tuesday, 18 August. By 8.30 p.m. on Monday, 80% of the 36 unions that make up the company’s workers’ trade union federation, Fentect, had already held meetings, approving the start of the strike. The aim is to defend the public postal service, working conditions, wages and the health of workers, all of which are threatened by the criminal policies of the Bolsonaro government. Correios is the first public company to enter the annual bargaining phase, so the issue at stake goes beyond this sector.

The attempt to freeze wages and eliminate 90% of the rights won by postal workers in Brazil is part of the capitalist strategy of bending our social class, to facilitate and multiply privatization and to put pressure on all workers in all sectors. This is a general phenomenon at the global level, which has intensified in the postal sector in recent decades. The consequence of these processes has been a deterioration in the services offered to the population and in the working conditions of staff. Capitalism needs new markets, and plundering the public sector is a cheap way to achieve this. A form of legalized theft. In all countries, there is an increase in precariousness and insecurity, a rise in accidents at work, partial privatization of the service and continued media pressure from the major groups in the sector to dismantle the public postal company.

The member organizations of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle Network support the striking Correios workers and the Brazilian trade union organizations that support them. At the post office as elsewhere, our interests are common beyond state borders !


International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles