The World Federation of Trade Unions on behalf of its 105 million workers in 130 countries of the 5 continents expresses its sincere condolence to the relatives and colleagues of the three miners from Shangla district who lost their lives when an explosion occurred due to gas accumulation in a coalmine in Boya area of Orakzai district.

Once again the working class of Pakistan mourns its children due to a constant crime of the bourgeoisie that sacrifices workers for the sake of profit. The 3 miners are added in an endless list of workers that have been killed just because the there trying to earn their livelihood. Despite the statements, declarations, and conventions from the governments and international organizations, in 2019 at least 120 miners were killed died in occupational “accidents” in mines of Pakistan, and tens of workers were killed in 2020.

The World Federation of Trade Unions demands an independent investigation of the crime conditions and exemplary punishment of the responsible ones. The safety protocol and the protection conventions should not be at empty words with no real meaning but should be implemented immediately. We assure the miners all over the world that we will continue our struggles and initiatives, using all our means, for ensuring the health and safety in the mines all over the world.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions