The WFTU watches with great sadness the new humanitarian and economic catastrophe which is faced by the people of Afghanistan due to the heavy rains, flash flooding and mudslides in northern and eastern provinces of the country resulted in at least 162 deaths, tens of injured people and countless economic disasters.

The poor protection infrastructure in a country that the heavy rainfall and flooding are frequent occurrences during the summer, reveals the insecure living conditions of the popular strata who are left unprotected even against the most expected natural phenomena. All over the world poor workers and ordinary people are drowned in the floods, are crushed in the landslides, freeze to death in cold weather and get heatstroke in heat waves.

We express our sincere, internationalist solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, demanding secure accommodation, food and clothes to the affected population, and implementation of full, immediate, and adequate protective measures in all aspect workers’ live.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions