The Workers Union Coalition in Palestine confirmed in its statement today that the announcement of the full normalization of relations between the UAE and the Zionist entity is a new stab in the side of our people and its national cause and will pave the way for more aggressive war, Judaization and settlement of Palestinian lands. 

The Workers Union Coalition condemned the role of the UAE in opening the door to normalization for other Arab countries.  And he stressed that the current stage calls for confronting and standing against all forms of normalization, and Irakawi urged all Arab countries to condemn this relationship. 

The head of the Workers’ Trade Union Coalition in Palestine, Muhammad Araqawi, emphasized that the signing of bilateral agreements between the UAE and the Zionist entity in various fields, foremost of which is the establishment of reciprocal embassies, is considered further in promoting normalization with Israel.  The Workers Union Coalition in Palestine called on all international federations to put an end to these suspicious relations that lead to facilitating the task of implementing the deal of the century.


World Federation of Trade Unions