In the last hours we are witnessing another tragic development in the hunting and torture of the persecuted and uprooted refugees and migrants that the EU and Governments have trapped in Greece for years. The notorious concentration camp-hot spot of Moria at Lesbos island was burned to the ground.

This inhuman time bomb planted by the Greek governments exploded in the ashes of Moria. 13,000 people, women and children, stacked, without health and safety measures in the midst of a pandemic. Moria was a health bomb waiting to explode. A “premeditated crime” of the governments that refused to listen to the constant demands of the institutions, the unions, the health committees and the residents for the release of the refugees and the decongestion of the camps.

At the moment when the Government prohibits rallies, demonstrations, and even “gatherings over 9 people” and waves its finger talking about “individual responsibility” in Moria, it had stacked 13,000 people in an area that was intended for 2,000! While provocatively to the need for immediate help and the release of the thousands now homeless refugees, the first reaction of the Government seems to be the sending of new Riot Police forces!


–To ensure housing in open and dignified accommodation of asylum seekers, in apartments and hotels for as long as they remain in Greece, ensuring the necessary health and hygiene conditions especially in pandemic conditions.

–Closure of all island hotspots, with transfer of asylum seekers to the mainland and their countries of destination. Facilitate all refugees and immigrants trapped in Greece to move to their countries of destination, with priority on unaccompanied minors and beneficiaries of family reunification.

–To find immediate housing, with the utilization of apartments, closed hotels and buildings that belong to the state.

– Abolish all laws and decisions that violate the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, as provided for in the Geneva Convention.

–Repeal of the Dublin Regulations and the EU-Turkey Agreement.

–To staff the Asylum Service with the necessary staff, to make contract workers permanent, to ensure fast and in accordance with the Geneva Convention asylum procedures for those who wish to stay in Greece, to take hygiene and safety measures for the workers.

–Provide asylum applications in Turkey and move them directly to their countries of destination.

–Take measures of substantial and individualized support for the refugees and integration into the local society.

–Isolate the racist, xenophobic and intolerant acts and attitudes that exploit the problem and seek to disorient the struggle of the Greek people.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)