On Tuesday, September 15, the Regional Trade Union Center of Lesvos, member of PAME, held a big and massive rally demonstration demanding No “Concentration Camps” For the Refugees-Immediate Release of All Refugees and Immigrants from Lesvos!

The President of the Regional Union, ThodorisAslanidis, stated in his speech

“Since last Tuesday, when the fires burned the MoriaRIC, a new human tragedy is unfolding.A tragedy that bears the mark and responsibility of the government of ND and the EU, but also of all other parties, such as SYRIZA, which support the policy of double confinement but at the same time shed crocodile tears for the drama of refugees and immigrants.” He stressed that “the criminal policy pursued all these years by the governments and the EU has resulted in lighting the wick, detonating the” inhumane time bomb “of the hot spot of Moria” adding that the government “instead of providing a solution here and now with the safe transfer of all refugees and migrants to mainland Greece, to temporary human settlements, until they get their documents and leave for their countries of destination, it has once again turned the island into a war zone strengthening the presence of repressive forces with Riot Police squads and cages. The aim of the government was and is, after all, the creation of a new prison center on our island. We do not want our island to be turned into a vast prison; we are determined not to create any new center on the island! Let the hell of Moria not be again! “

The Union’s demands are:

  • Release of all refugees and migrants. Here and now the government should send ships to transport refugees and migrants, in compliance with health protocols immediately.
  • No RIC- No concentration camp either open or closed on the island.
  • Expression of solidarity – collection of basic necessities for the refugees – immigrants.
  • Carry out massive tests for coronavirus now on both refugees and immigrants and the inhabitants of the island. In case of a positive result, they should be placed in 14-day quarantine and then the test should be repeated.
  • Immediate strengthening of the public Health system and the local Hospital with the recruitment of staff.
  • To compensate 100% of the residents who have suffered damage as a result of the mass confinement.


Video: https://youtu.be/qokvDgYEVkE


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)