Photo: PAMEOn September 12 the class unions of Thessaloniki held a big demonstration under the slogan “We paid a lot-We will not pay again!” to protest the anti-workers policies of the Government. While taking measures of protection for the pandemic, thousands demonstrated with the flags of PAME and WFTU in the first line.

The demonstration was prepared with daily visits to the workplaces and discussions with the workers (photos of Friday September 11: )

Because of the recent developments in the Refugee Camp of Moria in Lesvos, PAME put at the forefront of the demonstration a banner denouncing the “Concentration Camps” for the refugees that EU and the Greek Governments have created all over Greece.

The massiveness of the demonstration also gave an important response to the new laws of the Greek Government against the workers’ right to demonstrate.




All Workers Militant Front (PAME)