PAME denounces the Government of ND and the Mayor of Athens who are giving a step inside Greece to the “puppet” of the USA, the wannabe-failed dictator of Venezuela Guaidó.

Guaidó, a strawman of imperialism, has been recognized by the US and its allies, as well as by the ND Government, but has been denounced by the Venezuelan people themselves. And yet this caricature is invited by the Mayor of Athens and appears next to the Prime Minister in the so-called “Democracy Forum of Athens”, which will take place online on September 30.

We note that in addition to his failed attempts to seize power in a coup, this man has been accused by his closest former associates of being funded through various “financial aids” sent by the US and others to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela. He also loves being photographed with Colombian drug lords, paramilitaries and other criminal groups.

PAME denounces the Greek Government and the Mayor of Athens for this development. We express our solidarity with the people of Venezuela and its trade unions in their struggle for the right of every people to decide on its present and future without foreign interventions.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)