PCV VenezuelaThe Communist Party of Venezuela denounces before the national public opinion, the illegal raid by the FAES of a productive farm in Achaguas, administered by the political secretary of the PCV in Apure state, comrade Franklin González.

Eight FAES officials and an unidentified civilian searched the property without any judicial order and warned the member of the PCV Central Committee that “he will remain calm on the farm producing”, which could be considered a veiled threat that seeks to intimidate Comrade Franklin, who is the main candidate of the Popular Revolutionary Alternative for Circuit 2 of Apure.

The PCV rejects this act of intimidation, threat and attempt to intimidate our comrade, and demands an immediate investigation and explanation by the leadership of this State security body, which, although it did not exercise physical abuse, constitutes an act of psychological pressure and violation of constitutional and legal rights.

We tell the people of Apure that we will stand firm in the line that we have drawn for the regrouping of the workers, peasants, community and popular forces to seek a revolutionary solution to the capitalist crisis in Venezuela.

By Political Bureau of the CC-PCV