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The consideration of political issues has been actually blocked by Ukraine, and the refusal of the OSCE Coordinator to circulate the written statements of the republics’ positions does not help to break the impasse, DPR plenipotentiary and Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova commented on the results of the negotiations. “Today’s negotiation session [on September 16] of the political subgroup did not last long as we never heard any clear position from the Ukrainian party, and OSCE Coordinator Heidi Grau refused to send the written statements of the republics’ positions to the participants without explaining the reasons for her decision. It is obvious that all these facts significantly jeopardise the negotiation process. It is especially regrettable that Coordinator Heidi Grau made such a decision at a moment of crisis after Ukraine had blatantly disrupted the joint inspection agreements reached at the extraordinary meeting of September 9. In addition, it takes time to…

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The political settlement process is facing stalemate through the Ukrainian party’s fault — Natalia Nikonorova