Thousands around the country took part in demonstrations calling for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s resignation on Thursday, September 24, as protest leaders vowed to continue to rally within the limitations of a tightened national lockdown that began yesterday, Friday, at 2pm.

The restrictions controversially introduce limits on protests as part of an effort to bring the coronavirus outbreak under control. They include prohibiting demonstrators from venturing more than one kilometer from their homes in order to protest and limiting rallies to groups of 20.

Hadash has accused the prime minister of pushing through severe restrictions on movement and economic activity in order to simultaneously clamp down on the protests against him.

Among Thursday’s protests were rallies deployed on highway overpasses, while the largest gathering took place near Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem. There was also a demonstration near the Knesset and outside the home of Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn, of the Blue & White party, protesting the cabinet’s approval of the restrictions placed on anti-government rallies.

The Black Flag movement, an anti-Netanyahu protest group, vowed to continue demonstrating over the weekend despite the lockdown. “Israel does not have a functioning prime minister, it has a criminal defendant who is destroying any good the country has,” the movement said in a statement. “Today, it is already clear to every citizen that the problem with the country is not the synagogues, not the demonstrations, it is defendant number one, Benjamin Netanyahu.”


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