The Communist Youth of Greece and the Communist Youth of Turkey, jointly, express our full solidarity and support with our peoples, the young men and women of our countries, who are suffering the consequences of the earthquake that hit our countries, on Friday 30 October 2020.

This destructive earthquake, which has already cost human lives in both countries, highlights once again the lack of anti-earthquake protection measures, and the timeless responsibilities of the governments of both Greece and Turkey, which in the face of the profits of the business groups, leave the peoples unprotected.

We demand all emergency measures, such as:

  • Immediate care and treatment of the injured.
  • Immediate preventive measures in view of the aftershocks.
  • Immediate and complete restoration of damaged infrastructure, public buildings (e.g. schools, universities, etc.), road networks, people’s housing.
  • Compensation and full support of the people affected.
  • Comprehensive inspection of the suitability of all buildings, especially of the public services and workplaces, to protect the lives of workers and the population as a whole.
  • Restoration and conservation of historical monuments.

Our lives are not destined to be crushed! With our struggles, our power, our dreams, “life will be victorious”!


Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG)