USB ItaliaThe TTG, Rimini International Tourism Fair b2b, launches the 2020 edition with a strong slogan: “Think Future”. Exactly, let’s think about the future. But which one?

It has been since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, which has brought the entire tourism sector and all its related industries to their knees, that workers have been asking themselves: “What future for us?”.

We believe that our future must be determined by our strength and will, demanding a dignified life and politics finally ready to recognize this universal right.

To date, the government has been disinterested in formulating serious policies on income:

employees who survive with inadequate and shamefully late paid social security benefits, but above all, waiting for the December 31 deadline for the layoffs to be halted;
VAT numbers, very numerous in the sector (escorts, guides, interpreters …), reduced to starvation, victims of bizarre subsidies below the poverty line, who have not even been granted the postponement of tax deadlines;
completely forgotten by government policies on income;
an entire chain of hunger (transport, catering, trade…).
The government is proving to be absent and subject to the diktat of Confindustria, which calls for full freedom in terms of labor policy: the right to dismiss, maximum contractual flexibility, effectively denying workers’ rights, starting from increasingly low wages and salaries.

Cgil – Cisl – Uil consent to all this, failing to what should be the vocation before a trade union: the protection of those who work.

As workers of tourism we will be present again this year at the TTG. Yesterday, when we represented 13% of the GDP, we were inside the exhibition halls, to confront each other professionally and also humanly.

This year, the work crisis requires us to stay out of those pavilions, which have seen us as protagonists of our professional life, to claim our rights.

Because this health emergency has taken our jobs away from us;
Because we want to remind those who govern that we exist and that our right to live in dignity counts for more than any percentage of GDP;
Because we will neither be victims nor accomplices of the social crisis that is already underway and that will explode with the release of redundancies;
Because, starting from our condition, we believe it is necessary to demand serious policies aimed at enabling everyone and everyone to have a basic universal income that ensures a sustainable standard of living and consumption, both in terms of individual existence and in terms of managing the social conflict triggered by the progressive marginalization of broad social strata;
Because we no longer want to suffer the imposition of Confindustria and a government that prefers large companies, leaving the crumbs to small and medium enterprises, to those who have lost their jobs and families.

We ask:

Immediate opening of the State of Crisis for all the typical and atypical workers of Tourism and its supply chain
Guaranteed income and prohibition of dismissal until the total recovery of the sector
Immediate suspension of payments of all taxes and contributions until the end of the crisis and reimbursement of advances already paid for VAT numbers
Remodulation of municipal and regional add-ons for employees
Reallocation of the proceeds of the tourist tax and permits ZTL Bus for the creation of a mutual aid fund for workers and tourism workers


USB tourism


World Federation of Trade Unions