In commemoration and tribute to the 50th anniversary of the triumph of Salvador Allende and the Popular Unity in Chile, this Thursday the International Telematic Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum was held, with the intervention of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

In his speech, the Venezuelan Head of State invited all social, political, intellectual movements and scientific institutions linked to the organization, to be participants and observers of the parliamentary elections on December 6.

He reported that 14,400 male and female candidates, 107 political parties, electoral groups and political movements have registered. At the time he assured that there are still many tasks in the field of economic reconstruction, and that the Bolivarian Government is committed to the implementation of the Anti-Blockade Law to “generate growth in production, new sources of wealth, stabilize the macroeconomy, and improve wages.”

“The Sao Paulo Forum is the anti-neoliberal hope of the peoples of the world, let’s keep fighting, let’s stay united, let’s keep showing our face, presenting battles, that the Sao Paulo Forum is the safest trench that the left and world progressivism have to fight for great changes”, he emphasized.

For her part, the Executive secretary of the Forum, Mónica Valente, assured that Allende’s legacy demonstrated that a coalition composed of Marxist, Christian, secular, and democratic parties was possible, which could carry out anti-imperialist and anti-oligarchic transformations.

She also argued that the idea of ​​the event was to celebrate his memory and pay tribute to the Chilean people, after the social outbreak of 2019, which generated a movement of protests demanding profound changes.

Last September, the national president also recalled the historic Chilean leader after the 50th anniversary of the triumph of Popular Unity, on that occasion he stressed that talking about Salvador Allende is talking about one of the most beautiful stories of a leader in the struggle for his people, a leader with courage and integrity.

“Salvador Allende wrote history and we say from Venezuela that he continues to write history, today more than ever he lives in our struggles, in our battles, in our victories.”


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela