Bolivia’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) President Salvador Romero announced that the final results will be given next Tuesday as the Bolivian people are disconcerted by the unusual delay.

“Few tables have been processed so far, but as the night progresses the flow of information is expected to accelerate,” Romero explained.

Despite the delay, “the results reported so far reflect the popular will,” TSE President added while he urged people to wait calmly and patiently for the release of the official election results.

A similar call for “patience” was made by the Citizen Community (CC) presidential candidate, Carlos Mesa, who according to pre-election polls was in second place after the socialist candidate.

“We are calling on the population to be patient and prudent with the results… We will act with great prudence knowing that any statement could generate unnecessary disputes when pronouncements are made in a hurry,” Mesa said, as reported by Xinhua.

“We are facing an unprecedented situation. Bolivians are feeling disconcerted. In previous years, the private vote-counting systems competed over which one would give the election results first,” explained Freddy Morales, teleSUR correspondent in Bolivia.

The Bolivian authorities acknowledged that electoral results based on a higher proportion of votes could not be reported on Sunday night. They asked to wait until Monday to present more details on the results.

This delay generated concern among progressive political and social forces, which fear that the coup-born government will attempt some kind of manipulation of the results.

Until the closing of this edition, this uncertainty occurred amid the militarization of some Bolivian cities, as reported by local outlets.


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