The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 105 million workers on the five continents, greets the World Teachers’ Day 2020.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, teachers and students are facing even greater challenges, like distance learning or the lack of protection measures at schools, the lack of cleaning services and proper schools with a small number of students per classroom.

Yesterday on October 4th, the World Federation of Teachers’ Unions, “FISE”, the teachers’ sectoral international organization affiliated to WFTU, celebrated its International Day of Action with militant initiatives.

On the occasion of October 4th and 5th, the world class-oriented trade union movement reiterates the demands for free and public education in the service of scientific and universal learning, dignified salaries and rights for teachers, protection of the health of teachers, students and parents by taking all the necessary protection measures against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Long live the teachers’ struggles!

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions