USB ItaliaThe Court of Appeal of the Court of Bologna reinstates the porters of GLS Piacenza and establishes a compensation equal to 12 months’ salary.

The USB members of the GLS warehouse in Piacenza started a cycle of strikes to claim safety conditions in the workplace. In January 2019 the owner’s response was the “political” dismissal of 33 workers, while another 54 were declared redundant.

In April 2019 the dismissed porters occupied the roof for several days, with the active support of the families, especially the children who were the protagonists of the “MY Dad MUST WORK” campaign.

The ruling of the Bologna Court of Appeal recognises not only the legitimacy of the strikers’ motivations, stating that “the request was properly related to the protection of workers’ safety”, but also the undisputability of the right to strike.

This is an important sentence, which fully recognizes the right to strike, a sentence that honours the workers, the same who have chosen USB and the path of struggle as a means of social emancipation following the indications and example of their colleague Abd Elsalam for whom we now await similar justice in the trial for his murder.

USB continues in the name of Abd Elsalam the commitment to ensure that the rights and dignity of workers are recognised in all logistics warehouses.

USB thanks for the international support that came from the trade unions of the WFTU in the difficult days of the struggle.

United we are invincible



World Federation of Trade Unions