To the attention of : Pier Paolo Leonardi, General Secretary of USB, Italy/ WFTU Presidential Council member

Dear comrade Pier Paolo,
Dear comrades of USB – Italy,

On the behalf of the World Federation of Trade Unions we greet the 10th anniversary of Unione Sindacale di Base, its ten years of life and militant action at national and international level, through the ranks of WFTU.

We congratulate you on your active course, on the organization of struggles for the interests of local and migrant workers in Italy, against anti-people, anti-workers policies, the European Union and the corrupted trade union leaderships who lead yellow trade unionism in your country. We honor the memory of your martyrs, comrades Abdel Salam and Soumaila Sacko, who lost their lives during their struggles in defense of the rights of their class brothers and sisters. The world class-oriented trade union movement will always honor and remember its heroes, whose life and action are a bright example for the new shift of the working class. Amidst the difficult situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic, with tens of thousands of victims in Italy, we particularly greet your initiative to organize a general strike despite the threats and obstacles posed by CONFIDUSTRIA and the government.

USB – Italy and WFTU have brotherly bonds, because we share the same principles of class-oriented struggles, internationalism and solidarity. Comrade Pier Paolo Leonardi plays an important role in WFTU as Presidential Council Member and as General Secretary of the TUI Public Services&Allied Workers. Our joint events such as the successful 3rd WFTU World Youth Congress in 2017 hosted by USB in Rome and the Memorial Event in Foggia in honor of the famous trade union leader Giuseppe Di Vittorio, WFTU President from 1949 to 1957, are only some examples of our common efforts to strengthen the organization of workers at national and world level, in defense of their rights and for their emancipation from capitalist exploitation.

We are sure that our cooperation and joint struggles will continue in the future and we wish you the best of health and strength for the continuation of your struggles!

Long live USB – Italy!

Long – live proletarian Internationalism!

Mzwandile Michael Makwayiba                                                        George Mavrikos

WFTU President                                                                      WFTU General Secretary


World Federation of Trade Unions