The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Free State Province supports the emerging advances made by law enforcement agencies and prosecution in the courts of law to clamp down on corruption. The emerging progress represents, however, the first steps in a long journey. What our communities want to see are the outcomes, successful prosecution, severe sentences, and asset forfeiture, where those involved or implicit in corruption are found guilty and have acquired assets or wealth from such deeds.

The SACP Free State Province has resolutely campaigned and continues to campaign for action against suspected corruption, including tender corruption linked to well-connected patronage networks. All who are interested to see corruption ended should embrace the recent arrests in connection with the Free State Provincial R225 million asbestos audit tender.

The downtrodden beneficiaries of the project remain exposed to asbestos related health risks in houses still with asbestos roofing, despite millions of rand already spent. Corruption redirect public resources into private hands and impact state capacity to address pressing challenges such as water, housing, and road infrastructure.

The SACP further reiterates its call for law enforcement agencies to make meaningful advances on other corruption cases, such as the Estina dairy deal, apple farm deal, and several housing and road construction deals, COVID-19 related personal protective equipment tenders, and the successive damning findings in Auditor-General reports on institutions across the province. Many impoverished, working-class communities are the casualties of corrupt tenders.

The SACP urges communities to support the fight against corruption—which has become endemic. The broader movement has a key role to play. Its leading formations, therefore, cannot afford to broadcast mixed signals.

The SACP categorically condemns scenes outside the Bloemfontein magistrate court, displayed last week, involving the burning of t-shirts bearing the logo of the ANC and photo of President Cyril Ramaphosa.


Source: South African Communist Party – SACP supports emerging investigative and prosecutorial advances to clamp down on corruption in Free State Province