Yesterday the stock market hit 30,000 for the first time. After weeks of radio silence, Donald Trump appeared in the White House press room and gave a minute-long rant, extolling the numbers, even calling them “sacred.” Can you imagine?  On the highest day ever recorded so far of U.S. COVID-19 cases, Trump trumpets a market rally instead of human lives. As Grandma used to say, “Father be merciful!”

But the story doesn’t end there. It’s not only COVID deaths that are increasing. On the day before the Thanksgiving holiday, miles and miles of food lines are spreading all over the country. Congress has adjourned, and due to the GOP’s blocking of a stimulus bill, hunger is stalking millions.  But Trump — and let’s say it,  Wall Street — is jumping for joy.

Consider this gem:  Long lines are also forming outside COVID testing centers, and wealthy New Yorkers are paying “professional” line standers to hold their place in the queue as they seek test documentation before traveling. No matter that they’re ignoring public health warnings urging people to stay home.  And guess who’ll jump to the head of the line when vaccines become available?

Sadly, but predictably, unemployment claims are also up. Jobless claims jumped this week  to 778,000 from 740,000.  In addition, the number of those losing benefits and filing emergency claims also leaped. The total receiving benefits rose to 20.45 million for the week ended Nov. 7, up 135,297 from the week before.

Benefits for 14 million workers will expire at year’s end.

But instead of addressing the crisis facing working-class lives, Trump was on his way to Gettysburg, PA, with Giuliani continuing their effort to disenfranchise Black voters and overturn the election. The trip, however, was cancelled because Giuliani was exposed again to another person who’s COVID positive. How many in Trump’s orbit have now been exposed?

About 12% of Americans report food shortages in the last few weeks, a fact lost on Trump and Wall Street.

But that’s capitalism:  the stock market goes up, up, up, while the length of food, unemployment, and hospital ER lines get longer, longer, and longer.

It’s time for our patience to get shorter.

Source: Communist Party USA – That’s capitalism: The Dow skyrockets, so does hunger