“The United States of America should take a firm stand to support the peace process in Western Sahara instead of illegally taking sides and trading the people of Westen Sahara struggle in exchange for a strategic move.” Mulay Ahmed, SAUSA secretary, said today, following President Trump’s proclamation, recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, in a blatant, dangerous violation of international law and inalienable right of the people and self-determination.

This move sets a dangerous precedent in international relations characterized by an expansionist military approach should any two actors deem an association beneficial, at the expense of people’s and nation’s sovereignty.

In doing so, the United States takes the wrong side of history, against the Western Sahara people, by trading their future through ill-advised decisions. Furthermore, against the U.S’s long-standing commitment to the principles of non-acquisition of territory by force and the people’s right to self-determinations.

SAUSA strongly condemn such a deliberate act and call on the upcoming Biden administration to take firm steps toward reversing Trump’s administration decision, representing a direct rejection of the principle enshrined in the United Nation Charter. Furthermore, reaffirm American commitment to international law and take part in mediating an end to WesternSahara conflict through peaceful means by allowing the people to choose their future through a referendum on self-determination.

We also acknowledge and salute all elected officials of congress, the senate, and ex-government associates who stood up for the people’s right to self-determination and expressed their rejection of President Trump’s illegal move.


Source: Sahrawi Association in the USA – Press Release | Biden must Reverse Trump’s Illegal Proclamation