Nakliyat-İş Union organized a massive action at a location close to Taksim Square with the participation of the workers from several workplaces and union leaders as a part of the events to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of WFTU throughout the world.

In the action that started with the slogan “Long live the WFTU!” chanted enthusiastically in Turkish language with one voice by the workers carrying WFTU flags, Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu, a Presidential Council Member of the WFTU, General Secretary of TUI Transport and President of Nakliyat-İş Union made a statement to the press.

After paying tribute to those who lost their lives while struggling in the ranks of the WFTU, he gave some information about the circumstances under which the WFTU was founded in 1945 and he underlined the militant and class oriented trade union struggle continuously carried out by the WFTU from the foundation to these days.

Stating, “Today, the WFTU is the only alternative to the yellow unionism that is concretized with ITUC at the international level,” Küçükosmanoğlu also pointed out that WFTU is an anti-imperialist organization that has always sided with the oppressed peoples like Palestinians against Zionist Israel. He also highlighted the solidarity shown by the WFTU with such countries as Socialist Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela, Syria and others that suffer from the inhuman policies implemented by the imperialist states, particularly the US and European Union Countries.

Küçükosmanoğlu finished his statement by underlining once again that the militant struggle of the WFTU and its affiliates in all over the world will continue decisively and boldly to the end.

After the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the WFTU, our union also protested the so called minimum wage negotiations between the government and yellow unions which will absolutely end up with agreeing on a minimum wage that will drag the workers and all the popular strata into even more poverty and hunger.

Source: World Federation of Trade Unions – Nakliyat-İş honors the 75th Anniversary of the WFTU with a strong action