The South African Communist Party expresses its unwavering democratic solidarity with the people of Western Sahara and strongly condemns the United States President, Donald Trump, for signing “a proclamation recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara”. The SACP vehemently rejects the United States’ recognition of the colonial occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco, announced by Trump, as usual on Twitter, on Thursday, 10 December 2020.

The African Union must also reject the imperialist machination on our continent and assert its democratic role as a governance authority in Africa and on African affairs. The SACP is calling on Morocco to end its occupation of Western Sahara unconditionally, with immediate effect. All democratic and peace-loving social formations in South Africa, the whole of Africa and the entire world need to unite and actively express solidarity with the people of Western Sahara to support their fundamental right to democratic national self-determination.

The proclamation by Trump acting jointly with Morocco as an aggressor is a direct offensive against the programme by the African Union (AU) to silence the guns on our continent, advance peace, development, and prosperity. It blatantly violates the AU’s Constitutive Act, in particular the principle for African countries to respect each other’s territorial integrity. Besides rejecting the proclamation, the AU must drive a more decisive programme to eliminate colonialism and its legacy in Africa and uproot imperialist domination and exploitation.

Announcing his recognition of the colonial occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco, Trump said Morocco has agreed to full diplomatic relations with Israel. It is clear the Trump administration’s proclamation involves other imperialist objectives, not to mention continued colonial oppression of the people of Western Sahara, occupation of their land, exploitation of their resources, the apartheid oppression of the Palestinian people, and occupation of their land by the apartheid Israeli regime.

The imperialist machination by Trump has far-reaching implications for the whole of Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, and other parts of the world. Unity against imperialism is essential in all countries and global regions, especially the Global South given the underdevelopment and other damage caused by the history of colonialism and the necessity to eliminate its legacy.
Source: South African Communist Party – SACP expresses solidarity with the people of Western Sahara, strongly condemns Donald Trump’s recognition of Morocco’s colonial occupation of Western Sahara