Yesterday’s decision by the occupational regime, which essentially culminates in the blocking of almost all crossings to and from the roadblocks, is a negative development.

The decision particularly affects, among others, groups such as the Greek Cypriot enclaved people (in the occupied areas), the Turkish Cypriot workers in the free areas and in the buffer zone, residents of the Pyrgos region, all those engaged in trade based on the Green Line regulation.

We believe that the decision of the extreme right-wing Turkish Cypriot leadership is exaggerated in relation to the epidemiological danger, given that those who pass through the checkpoints on a regular basis now take weekly or daily tests for the coronavirus. For that reason, we consider this decision unacceptable, given that besides being a blow to those who are directly affected, it represents another setback to the issue of the daily contacts of the two communities.

As AKEL, we express our solidarity with those affected by the new measures, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, and call on the government to raise the issue with the United Nations immediately, as well as with the Bicommunal Technical Committee for Health.

Source: Progressive Party of the Working People – AKEL – Solidarity with those affected by the closure of the checkpoints