Statement by Eleni Mavrou, AKEL Political Bureau member

According to today’s press reports it appears that the government is ready to appeal to the Supreme Court with a demand for the Auditor General’s dismissal on the grounds of “inappropriate behavior” and violation of the Constitution with regards his duties and responsibilities.

To the extent that these press reports correspond are true, the authoritarianism and autocratic behaviour of the government ruling forces that led them to clash with other independent institutions too in the past is once again being highlighted.

AKEL considers such an action unacceptable. Attacks by independent officials on other independent officials and the clash of institutions are intensifying the depreciation felt by citizens. The role of the Auditor General is defined by the Constitution to which everyone should respect.

All the institutions – with the Anastasiades-DISY government at the lead which set up the golden passport industry – need to know that Cypriot society’s universal demand is that the abscess of corruption must be broken and those responsible must be held to account.

The government ruling forces should therefore leave the witch hunting and take on their responsibilities.

Source: Progressive Party of the Working People – AKEL – The undermining of the Auditor General is unacceptable