The WFTU family and its 106 million members in 130 countries of the world is deeply saddened and shocked by the sudden passing away of the General Secretary of its member union NUM South Africa who was a Vice President of WFTU and member of the Presidential Council.

The death of cde Sipunzi at the age of 55 years is a great shock.

He was a strong fighter for the benefits of miners in South Africa and committed through the rangs of WFTU to the welfare of the miner workers all over the world.

Throughout his entire life was doing efforts to liberate mineworkers from the exploitative bosses and he was inspiring unity of all mine workers to continue their struggles to improve their working and living conditions. He was constantly fighting for dignified salaries and working conditions.

The big WFTU family and especially its members in South Africa will miss the contribution of cde David to the daily struggle against the oppression and exploitation of miner workers.

As one of the WFTU VP he played an important role in the struggles of the international working class. Cde David has represented WFTU in various activities not only in the African continent but also in other countries. He was deeply committed to the principles and values of the WFTU and he practically expressed this by disposing forces and cadres for the Women Secretariat of WFTU and the functioning of the WFTU Regional office South Africa.

Comrade Sipunzi was a stable fighter of the principles of class struggle and loyal to the strategy for the emancipation of the working class and its final deliberation from the bonds of the capitalist slavery. He was a dedicated fighter for socialism.

We express our cordial condolences to his family and we wish them strength reassuring them that he will always be among us to say AMANDLA, THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES.

Source: World Federation of Trade Unions – WFTU statement on the passing away of NUM General Secretary David Sipunzi